Let’s build a house of prayer for all

About us

Les Amis de la Communauté Francophone, 2ACF for short, is a non-profit, apolitical association created in 2013 in Douala-Cameroon, with the aim of offering technical and logistical support to cultural and religious associations (receipt n°978/ 2013/ RDA/ C19/ SAAJP)

Many associations and churches wish to carry out projects useful to society but often fail to implement them due to a lack of expertise or resources. 

2ACF therefore aims at supporting the initiatives of these social actors in order to contribute to the country's development and the population's well-being. 

Members and volunteers from various backgrounds collaborate with the vision bearer, Emmanuel Mpondo Mpondo, a professor of pharmacy and pastor, to put ideas, means and skills at the service of the community.

Since its creation, 2ACF has helped orphanages (particularly REMAR and Destiny Home), the Douala Prison Chaplaincy (focusing on underaged prisoners) and the Association of Women and Girls with Disabilities for Total Integration in Development (AFHALITD).

Men, women, youths and children received financial aid, scholarships and school supplies, clothing, food, sanitary products, tutoring for homework, follow-up visits, etc.

In November 2020, we took up a new challenge known as Cap sur Bonaberi : 2ACF participates in the construction of a church in Douala for the Communauté Shalom!

With your contribution, this project shall come to pass. Please, fill out our Contact form to join us or for more information about the association.

Our main values are peace, social development and integrity.

“Lord, thou wilt ordain peace for us: for thou also hast wrought all our works in us.”

Isaiah 26:12

Tel : (+237) 656-24-73-59 / (+237) 681-92-51-12 - Email : 2acf.cmr@gmail.com