Building the future

Unless the Lord builds the house,
They labor in vain who build it;
” Psalm 127 :1a

Building together

It is with great enthusiasm that 2ACF joins forces with Shalom for the project Cap sur Bonaberi and invites families, friends, groups, economic operators, civil society, churches and ministries, etc. to get involved as well.

Why? For the glory of God and the blessing of hundreds of people. But also to use your abilities and resources for God’s work by taking up the challenge of the builders. Let’s not forget either the supernatural provision reserved for those who sow (2 Corinthians 9:7-11).

How to support the project?

1. Prayer: Commit to pray regularly for this vision (James 5 :16).

2. Time: Volunteer to help during the various phases of the construction.

3. Talk about the project around you and share information on social media.

4. Skills: Serve the project with your knowledge and abilities.

5. Finances: Support the building with one-time or recurring donations (2 Corinthians 8 :1-10).

6. Equipment: Make in-kind donations that are useful to the construction.

Financial donations

Multiple options are available to you to support the building of the first church of the Communauté Shalom in Bonaberi, Douala (Cameroon), as a monthly vision partner or one-time donor:

1. Offering in cash: You can give your contribution to the bearer of the funding letter you received, using the included return envelope.

2. Orange Money (in Cameroon or abroad) on 2ACF's account – free transaction: #150*47# (merchant code) 511466, enter the amount, then the secret code

3. MTN Mobile Money to 2ACF's number – free transaction: 126*1*1*681925112*Amount*secret code#

4. Money transfer via Express Union / Western Union / MoneyGram / RIA Money transfer - to Emmanuel MEDI ETONDE (the treasurer of 2ACF) – phone number: (+237) 699-76-17-65 – Douala

5. Bank transfer on the account of 2ACF domiciled at SCB Cameroun - RIB: 10002-00080-90001298703-80 / IBAN : CM2110002000809000129870380 / CODE BIC : BCMACMCX

6. Transfer via the mobile application TapTapSend: to Céline Solange NDONGO, phone number (+237) 682-82-84-26

7. Crowdfunding website: Coming soon

Contact us

To support the construction project, get involved or for any question, please fill out our Contact form. All contributors wishing to stay abreast of the project will received reports regularly.

Tel : (+237) 656-24-73-59 / (+237) 681-92-51-12 - Email :